Hi, I'm bourrasque 👋

Full-stack Developer
and Machine Learning Enthusiast

# About_me

        Welcome to my website!

My name is Kevin and I am a programmer with a passion for solving problems and creating software. In my free time, I like to participate in online coding challenges and hackathons to keep my skills sharp, as well as meeting new people and networking. I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and gain knowledge.

Making projects is also one of my hobbies, I find creating something new and innovative fulfilling. Turning ideas into pieces of software that can be beneficial in the real world gives me a great sense of accomplishment, encouraging me to perpetually continue the cycle.

# My Projects

        Behold, my stuff...


    ZENKYO is a website allowing the user to screen themselves for signs of being an abuser or a victim. You also get a forum where you can share stories or experiences, as well as comment on other peoples posts. An evidence collecting page is also included, were you can build evidence on an abuser. Lastly, a resources page, containing helpful links and resources.


    Link-tree alternative, allowing you to obtain a personalized URL to easily share multiple links to websites and/or socials at once. From customizing you own profile picture to freely change your web page's background from the default one, ryptical really has everything you need.


    Full-fledged code copying and pasting website. Share your code easily to your friends or your peers with the convenience of having built-in syntax highlighting, the ability to store old code snippets, and modifying the code using the in-web editor.

~/Tank GAN

    Gathering hundreds of tank images and created a working Generative Adversarial Network using TensorFlow. Currently on stand-by, though I do plan to further develop and expand on it.

# Interests

        Current interests...

        One thing I am currently pursuing is obtaining an internship position in a field related to programming and computers. Being able to gain practical experience in the field as well as applying the things I have learned so far to real-world projects would be exciting. An internship position would also give me the chance to work with experienced professionals and learn from them, as well as making connections and building my network. I believe that an internship would be an invaluable opportunity for me to get my foot in the door and start my career as a programmer.

I ❤ Linux